Historic District Commission Design Review Tools

Over the past year, the Historic District Commission (HDC) has been working with Dominique Hawkins at Preservation Design Partnership (PDP) to develop a detailed set of Design Guidelines for the nearly 1,300 properties located within in Portsmouth's Historic District.

The Guidelines are intended to be a design review tool to help manage change and protect the City's architectural and historic resources.  The Guidelines provide background information, guidance and regulations to be followed by property owners, design professionals, contractors, the HDC, the Planning Staff and other City officials with regard to historic resources.  They are intended as a supplement to, rather than as a substitute for, consultation with qualified architects, contractors, staff or Commission members.   

Given the Commission will use the Guidelines in their decision-making process, the chapters have been carefully reviewed by the Commission and the public in advance of finalizing the overall document.  The Commission intends to place the final Guidelines on the April 13th, 2016 agenda for approval and submittal to the City Council in March.  

The following chapters are available for review and comment. 

Draft Chapters –Design Guidelines for Portsmouth's Historic District

Chapter 1 - Guidelines Introduction

Chapter 2 – Architectural Styles

Chapter 3 – Guidelines for Exterior Maintenance

Chapter 4 - Guidelines for Roofing

Chapter 5 – Guidelines for Exterior Woodwork

Chapter 6 – Guidelines for Porches, Stoops and Decks

Chapter 7 – Guidelines for Masonry & Stucco

Chapter 8 - Guidelines for Windows and Doors

Chapter 9 - Guidelines for Site Elements and Streetscapes

Chapter 10 - Guidelines for Small Scale New Construction and Additions

Chapter 11- Guidelines for Signs and Awnings

Chapter 12 - Guidelines for Commercial Developments and Storefronts

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