Gateway Mixed Use Zoning Amendments

In November 2016, the City’s Housing Committee issued a report, which the City Council adopted, recommending zoning amendments to increase the supply and diversity of housing stock in the City.  The recommendations identified three initial areas of focus: 1) along the Lafayette Rd commercial corridor and sites along Route 1 Bypass and Outer Market St; 2) both sides of Mirona Rd; 3) the I-95 Exit 7 Area.

The Housing Committee’s report, identified a number of general recommendations for each of these areas, including allowing an appropriate mix of residential uses encouraging a mix of uses and providing incentives for workforce housing.  In addition to accommodating more residential uses, the Committee also recommended zoning amendments include standards for the design and scale of new development.

The proposed Gateway District amendments include 3 new base zoning districts: Gateway Corridor Mixed Use (G1), Gateway Corridor Mixed Use Center (G2), and Gateway Neighborhood Mixed Use Center (G3).  These new districts and standards are proposed as a new Article (5B) and would replace the existing Flexible Development regulations in Section 10.730 – Gateway Planned Development (GPD) and Section 10.726 – Residential Density Planned Unit Development (RDI-PUD).  The new section proposes a formed-based zoning approach to guiding development and uses that is similar to standards adopted for the Character Districts for the Downtown and West End.


The City of Portsmouth Planning Board would like to hear from you about the proposed amendments to the City of Portsmouth Zoning Ordinance.  Once you’ve had a chance to review the draft documents above, please take our survey.


Project Schedule:

June 5, 2017

City Council vote to refer the proposed amendments to the Planning Board for review and recommendation

June 22, 2017


Planning Board work session on first draft of proposed amendments

July 27, 2017

Planning Board work session with property owners and developers -

August 17, 2017

Public workshop with consultant to visualize potential development scenarios under proposed zoning

August 24, 2017

Planning Board public hearing

September 12, 2017

Potential Continuation of Planning Board Public Hearing

September (TBD)

City Council First Reading of proposed zoning


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